Phase 1: Foundation and Launch

Concept Development: Define the core idea and purpose of the kaiji coin, incorporating elements from popular internet memes.

Token Creation: Develop and deploy the ERC20 smart contract for the kaiji coin on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring compliance with ERC20 standards and conducting thorough security audits.

Such as an initial coin offering (ICO) or token sale, to distribute tokens among early supporters, raise funds and build strong community for project development.

Phase 2: Development and SNS Marketing

Development: Secure and modern Dapps with a total jackpot system of over $20,000. Investors can purchase tickets there and earn the right to participate.

SNS Marketing: SNS marketing campaigns across various online platforms (X, Telegram, Youtube, TikTok and etc)

Phase 3: Listing and Growth

Exchange Listings: Secure listings on reputable cryptocurrency exchanges to increase liquidity and accessibility for traders and investors.

Marketing and Awareness: Launch targeted marketing campaigns across various online platforms to raise awareness about the memecoin, leveraging the power of memes and engaging with relevant communities.

Community Engagement: Foster an active and passionate community by organizing events, competitions, and airdrops, while encouraging community members to create and share memecoin-related content.

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